About Us


Hindware is India’s leading brand for bathroom solutions, recognised for quality, expertise and its innovative approach to products. It has always been our vision to empower people with our expertise, through thoughtful product designs based on consumer needs. This belief manifests itself in our corporate social responsibility initiatives as well.


A few years back, an NGO named Dasra conducted exemplary groundwork across schools in Indian villages. What they discovered was shocking; 23 million girls drop out of school every year due to a lack of clean toilets. According to a citizen-led survey published in January 2019, 11.5% of India’s rural schools have no separate toilets for girls, and of the ones that did 11.7% were locked and unusable.

A lack of toilets in schools makes teenage girls extremely uncomfortable and it makes their parents hesitant about exposing their girls to school. The absence of toilets in schools especially affects girls when they hit puberty as they stay back at home for five days every month, missing school work. Eventually, unable to keep up with the classwork they choose to drop out completely.

And that’s how the idea #hygienethatempowers was born.


Starting this World Toilet Day, we’re constructing toilets in 8 villages around our manufacturing unit in Bahadurgarh, Haryana using our special range of coloured water closets. We will continue this journey by tying up with many more schools across the country spreading hygiene empowerment.